Offering various meditation techniques in toronto & area

The First Chapter


emit energy or light in the form of rays or waves 

feelings of peace, joy, gratitude

We invite you to let go, to allow yourself to be immersed in the beauty of the moment. We will create space for you to submerge yourself, in both the joy and happiness which await in pure awareness. With this surrender to happiness, we hope to radiate and share love, happiness, peace and joy.

Meditation and mindfulness training allow you to reconnect with the present moment, letting go of the past and releasing expectations for the future (which is, of course, comprised of "now's"). 

There is no time like the present. Take a deep breath, and allow yourself to be here, now. 

A New Chapter

We're going through a rebirth. Thank you for your support in growing the Radiate Happy community to what it is today. Please join us as we transition into our next chapter, with Just Be Meditation. You can follow along below :) 

Just Be:




Meet Cassidy

Cassidy is a meditation and mindfulness teacher, practising in Toronto and area.  Cassidy has a certificate in the Foundations of Mindfulness and Mindful Meditation through the University of Toronto, having studied Neuroscience, Mindfulness and Mindful Meditation, Embodying the Qualities of Mindfulness, Histories of Mindfulness Meditation Practises, Philosophies of Mindfulness and MM, and Contemporary Applications of Mindfulness, Mindfulness Meditation and Mindfulness-Based Interventions. Currently enrolled in the Applied Specialization in Mindfulness Meditation program, she has studied Mindfulness of Feelings, Foundations of Mindful Eating and Mindfulness and Art Therapy, with more classes coming up. Cassidy also has a certificate in MindScape, through the International BodyTalk Association. She has learned with the Centre for Mindfulness Studies, attended a 10-day Vipassana retreat, a one-day retreat with Shinzen Young, a two-day retreat at the Zen Buddhist Temple and more. She graduated meditation teacher training in the Learn to REST program under Sara Moncrieff. In 2018, Cassidy attended The Mindful Society Conference: From Curiosity to Compassion.

She has deepened her practise during travels to India, Bali, Thailand, and other destinations with deep roots in meditation. 

Believing in the healing powers of both energy and touch, she often incorporates reiki, sound healing, and thai yoga massage into her classes. She learned Reiki Level I with Reiki Master Barb Keshen, and intro to Thai Yoga Massage with Banh Thai Spa in Toronto.

You may have joined Cassidy for a meditation during Lululemon's Waterfront 10KM Race (June 2018), at the Sweat Equity Stage during the Green Living Show (April 2018), or at the AltaVie launch party, where she had the pleasure of meditating with a panel which included author Cleo Wade. She's also been found at the Muskoka Yoga Festival, offering both meditation and reiki.

Today, you can find Cassidy guiding meditation around downtown Toronto, including at Hoame at 430 Adelaide St W.