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Kind Words


"The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery (www.thepowerplant.org) hosted an exhibition by an artist who, in part, grapples with the complexities of trauma resulting from colonialism, military conflict, amputation. We invited Cassidy to develop and lead two meditation sessions in the gallery, and she came prepared with amazing words of encouragement for participants with a general interest and, especially, for participants who may have personal experience with trauma... and guided meditations which left participants feeling comforted and relaxed. I cannot recommend Cassidy highly enough... and will be looking for more opportunities to work together!" - Josh


"Cassidy lead a series of meditation classes at the Sony Centre as part of our community programming. She is a wonderful meditation leader and a pleasure to work with! The classes were very informative, welcoming, and accessible for our participants. I would highly recommend attending Cassidy’s classes/workshops!"  - Jennifer

"I would highly recommended anyone take part in this class to infuse a spot of wellness into your day. It's a welcoming, safe and unpretentious space to develop or deepen your meditation practise." - Dana   

"Fantastic. I get so much out of it. Cassidy is able to accommodate all experience levels and infuses the room with the perfect atmosphere and helpful insights." - Dave   

"We invited Cassidy to lead a 30 minute meditation session on our camping trip to Rouge Park where we brought together a group of artists and creatives to connect in the outdoors. She guided the meditation in a way that was incredibly relevant for our group by speaking to playfulness and creativity. Cassidy was awesome at catering the meditation to the needs of the group and was great with adapting to the challenges of the outdoor environment. She definitely made everyone feel super calm and comfortable and ready to take on the day! We'd love to have her back and lead another meditation session for Outdoor Studio in the future!" - Cheryl  

"Being in the class today was a heart-warming, informative and uplifting experience. In one of the meditation sessions Cassidy asked us to feel our emotions, the strongest one to pop up for me was feeling safe. This was the first time I have recognised this feeling in myself in a long time and hearing her talk about this particular emotion meant so much to me. Cassidy is a wonderful teacher, spirit and human... she inspires me to continue my journey to ‘radiate’  through my soul!" - G.D. 

Fire Within Retreat review: "This retreat was so much more than I could have envisioned. It was organized so well and was optimized for openness, learning, and acceptance. I built some very strong connections with others, shared some truly magical moments, and connected to myself in a new yet familiar way. Highly highly recommend!" - Stephanie

"I first met Cassidy at one of her workshops, and was impressed by her knowledgeable and informative approach to mindfulness, combined with her hands-on practice. Her voice is calming, and the way she explains mindfulness makes it accessible to all. I can’t wait to join other workshops she has.   I then asked her to lead some workshops alongside me for a corporate event I was running, and it was so well received by all attendees. I strongly recommend her, and would happily work with her again." - Diviya

"I was hesitant about starting meditation, I found it difficult to do on my own- but Cassidy is so knowledgable and made me feel welcome.  Meditation has now become a central part of my life. I have attended multiple Just Be Meditation events and would highly recommend her to anyone who is interesting in learning about meditation".- Victoria

"Just Be Meditation is leading Toronto to a more peaceful & mindful state of mind. I've attended a number of events lead by Cassidy and I always leave feeling lighter and calmer. I would definitely recommend checking out her events, many of them are even free!"

- Jill

"Really amazing guided meditations that Cassidy can curate for whichever needs you would like to address. "Meditation on the Streetcar" and "How to Meditate for Better Sleep" are examples of great classes I truly enjoyed. Prices are extremely fair and I heard that there are private sessions for groups or corporate events available. I would definitely recommend checking out if you live in the city and are looking for some peace of mind. Gracias"
- Anon

"Cassidy from Just Be Meditation is such a gem and one of the most down to earth meditation teachers in the city. I have hired her for many mindfulness based events and have taken part in many of her workshops and retreats. If you are curious about meditation and want to dive in in a safe enviroment that is held with so much wisdom, Cassidy is your gal."
- Samantha